Judge Chris Bruno, who now serves as Chief Judge of the Civil District Court for the Parish of Orleans is the sitting Judge in Division “F” and has been for eleven years, since January of 2009. He is seeking re-election. Judge Bruno has not altered his main priority as a judge, which is to administer justice in a fair and impartial manner no matter whether you are a rich businessman, attorney, litigant or self represented party. He is known by attorneys to always have thoroughly acquainted himself with the facts and law of each case, as well as, for his impartiality, efficiency, and dedication.

His Court has one of the most efficient dockets in Civil District Court. After practicing law in New Orleans for 20 years, he witnessed the frustration of the community and attorneys who had to wait for years or even decades to get their cases resolved, and vowed to solve that problem as a Judge. Throughout his time in office, Judge Bruno has streamlined litigation in his court which allows those appearing before him to be heard in a timely fashion. It is not uncommon for a case to be fully completed within a year in his court. He routinely meets with litigants and attorneys in person to offer assistance in getting issues resolved without spending unnecessary money on disputed matters and even offers free mediation services, saving attorneys, parties, and the public substantial costs through this work.

As Chief Judge, he is facing the challenges of COVID-19 head-on, ensuring the safety of the community, while making sure our justice system does not come to a halt. While the courthouse was closed, Chief Judge Bruno relocated to his home where he conducted matters via ZOOM and by telephone. He addressed the legal community through a New Orleans Bar Association webinar, offering advice about maneuvering through COVID-19 and how to access the Civil District Courthouse digitally while it was closed. He oversaw the reopening of the courthouse and worked closely with the Clerk of Court, Civil Sheriff, First City and Second City Court to ensure that those using these offices and courthouse visitors are protected against COVID-19. He worked with judges all over the state comparing ideas and notes on how to serve the community during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Judge Bruno has also chaired the Judicial Building Commission for Civil District Court since 2018.  He and his executive committee are working closely with the City of New Orleans, the Clerk of Court Chelsey Napoleon, First City Court, Constable Boissiere, Sheriff Gusman, and Assessor Williams in locating a courthouse which can adequately serve the community. 

Chief Judge Bruno has proven himself in his eleven years of civil service as well as through this unprecedented crisis we are experiencing today as the leader our City needs.   

You can help by offering campaign sign locationsendorsing him, sending out information on your social media or email accounts or making a donation.  

Do Not Forget to Vote on November 3, 2020 
Joseph M. Bruno and Darleen Jacobs, Co-Chairs

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